It has been felt that young boys and girls who enter their graduate studies as freshers mostly suffer from apprehensions and are shy of interaction with teachers or administrative staff of the college due to a peculiar sense of prestige consciousness and fear of loss of esteem. These young children who are mostly away from home, definitely deserve reassurance and a bit of indulgence and pampering in the college. Therefore, in each Trident institution, the system of teacher-guardian has been introduced from the session 2006-07. For every 15 students of the institution, a teacher guardian will be notified and each member of this small group will have a right to discuss his/her problems in studies, problems in hostels, problems on health and even other personal affairs. The teacher-guardian will inturn be responsible to consider all the 15 students as his/her family with a sense of possessiveness. He/she will endeavour to solve all the problems of all the students under his/her care and will interact with college administration on one hand and with the parents on the other hand.

There is a provision of surprise feedbacks by the Management Representative from the students on the close interaction of the teacher-guardian with his/her wards.