Most of the technical/professional colleges are so big and are so occupied with the magnitude of operation that the performance of an individual student in the theory classes/laboratories/extra curriculars can not be monitored. In the result, students who lag behind, gradually lose interest in studies and start absenting themselves from classes. The performance picture projected by most of them to their parents/guardian does not always tally with reality.

It has been the practice in Trident to keep track of the attendance of students with a close match with his/her performance in the class exams and the university exams. There has been a system of counselling for the errands, first by the subject teacher, then by the Principal/Director and in some very hard cases even by the Management Representative.

Students have already been notified that the website of the college will have a module from 2011-12 where the information will be continuously uplinked with updation regarding performance of students in terms of attendance/class tests/university tests/extra curricular/Code of Conduct and discipline. A format has been designed for the purpose and parents will be provided with confidential passwords to access the updated information only regarding their wards available in the website.

In addition to the above, the old practice of inviting parents for interactions with the academic administration of the institutions and the teacher-guardian will continue as before.