Parents send their children to undergraduate and postgraduate colleges for all round knowledge enrichment. No parent/guardian will relish to find that his/her ward remains absent in the theory and practical classes, because in doing so, the concerned student deprives himself of the essential inputs which is supposed to be imparted in the institution and for which the parent/guardian is paying fees.

It is not possible for the parent/guardian to constantly monitor the attendance of his/her ward. The institute understands this and that is why, absence from theory and practical class has been classified as an act of indiscipline in the college. In line with the engineering college of the group, which enforced strict attendance from the session 2006-07, the TACT BBA and BCA College has decided to introduce a ?Reward and Punishment Scheme? (Cash rewards and fines) for high and low achievers of attendance percentages.

It has also been understood by the college that some students, while entering the college, suffer from bouts of disinterests/shock/scare. When they miss certain classes initially, it has a spiralling effect and since they do not understand the subsequent classes, they go on missing further classes. In addition to the teacher-guardians of the college, special counselling sessions are arranged for these students on monthly basis and if necessary, simultaneous counselling of parents of students are done by very senior faculty members.

From the session 2011-12, the parents/guardians can access this website in order to see the attendance percentage, performances in the monthly internal tests and fines imposed (if any) for their wards on continuous basis.