Academic audit is one of the modern management practices adopted in the leading educational institutions all over the world. It has two primary divisions namely, (1) Continuous updation of course curriculum and periodic restructuring of credits, (2) Continuous evaluation of achievements of goals in the instructional system.

Since none of the institutions of Trident Group is permitted to frame independent syllabus, (They are either affiliated to BPUT or the Utkal university) there is practically no scope under the first division.

So far as the continuous evaluation of achievement of targets is concerned, the academic administration of the college makes it sure to maintain individual files on the academic performance/progress of individual teaching faculty as well as technical assistants. Before the beginning of each academic session, the concerned teacher knows his/her exact projected workload and submits a workplan to the concerned HOD/Principal. On approval of the plan, he/she implements it. Weekly achievement report is submitted alongwith analysis of deviation if any.

There is an independent audit of semester performance of all the teachers and technical assistants which is conducted by a specific impartial team which records comments on audit and points out non-achievements. The audit report is discussed with the concerned teachers and technical assistants and the explanation on deviation is finally evaluated by the HOD/Principal.