The officials exclusively employed for taking care of the needs of hostels, always attend to complaints of sickness immediately and with college vehicles, if necessary, the concerned student is hospitalized at the nearby hospitals like KIIMS, Kalinga Hospitals Ltd, CARE Hospitals, AYUSH Hospitals or KAR Clinic. Although the cost of treatment is always to be borne by the concerned student / parents, eventually, the immediate expenditure is always incurred by the college.

During college timings, sudden complaints of illness are to be reported to the Director and the college authorities immediately attend to the need of hospitalization which is done within 15 minutes of the complaints and the students are shifted to one of the aforesaid healthcare centres.

W.e.f the session 2013-14, during break times, a medicine specialist and a lady doctor will be available in the doctor’s room on the ground floor of Administrative block twice a week for general consultation of students. This will be a free-of-cost service.