Internet and WiFi

130Mbps of internet bandwidth availability to the campus is ensured through    two dedicated leased lines, one   connected to Tata Teleservices ISP (20 Mbps) and another to BSNL (110 Mbps). The campus network is connected  to these lines through our Cyberoam UTM, Cisco 1841 series Router and Cisco 2960 catalyst switch located in our  server room. Since all the computers are connected to the campus network, all of them have access the internet. As of  now, about 1000 PCs in the campus are enabled to access the internet through our wired network infrastructure.  A 10G multimode optical-fibre backbone ensures 100% uptime and faster access. The whole TRIDENT computer  network is connected through CISCO managed switches featuring CISCO 2960 catalyst at Distribution and CISCO  224G4 switches at access level.

Wi-Fi connectivity has been provided to all the academic blocks, hostels and free spaces using high-end Motorola AP  6511 for Indoors and Motorola AP 6532 and Motorola AP 6564 for outdoors. After the office hours, the entire  internet bandwidth is made use of by students in the hostels.