Trident’s Annual Spring Festival is celebrated in the campus some time in February / March every year under the name of “TRIFEST”. Before the festival, a series of in-house competitions are mounted such as Athletics, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess etc under the category of “Sports and Games” and varieties of competitions like debates, writings, fine arts, dances, one-acts, instrumentals, songs etc are organized under “Cultural Events”. Not only that the students are selected for award of prizes in TRIFEST on the basis of these competitions, the Cultural Committee of the college picks the best performances worthy of display in the “Students-show” on stage on the TRIFEST day of the concerned college.

Usually, TRIFEST is spread over three days. Whereas one day is fixed for the engineering students, another day is fixed for the non-engineering students and the last day is usually devoted to performance by an outside celebrity performer.